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Definitions for the purpose of reporting:

  • Accident: An event that results in injury or ill health

  • Incident: an event not causing harm, but has the potential to cause injury or ill health

  • Fatality – An event that results in death

As part of Unity Sport Clubs (USC) ongoing commitment to provide a safe sport, anyone who has witnessed or been involved in either an accident or incident is asked to complete a short online report.

This is done using our online reporting forms. The information that you provide will help to prevent future occurrences of similar incidents and also provide an overview of the type and frequenc
y of accidents when they do occur.

Compiling our accident/incident information in this way is useful for many reasons and most significantly helps us to identify any specific issues or trends with regards to accidents or injuries.

To report an accident, incident or fatality complete and email a member of the team below.

Note: If an accident has resulted in serious injury, or a hazard is so serious that it could
result in an accident in the immediate future, it is important that these facts are reported immediately to the relevant Coach, USC Director & Welfare Officers below. 


Aaron Powell
m) 07837 870 785

Darren Hateley
m) 07391 470 401

Sally Hateley
m) 07391 470 401

Unity Sport Club - Code of Conduct

The USC Code of Conduct and Good Practice sets standards for clubs, coaches, players and parents involved in football. It has been developed to improve standards of good practice and protect the welfare and well-being of all those involved in the game, particularly young players themselves.


  • Encourage your child to play by the laws of the game.

  • Avoid pressurising players about winning or losing.

  • Support and encourage all players, including the opposition.

  • Never publicly criticise your child or other players.

  • Do not question decisions made by the match officials.


  • Show respect and fair play to your opponents.

  • Play within the rules of the game.

  • Encourage, support and co-operate with your team-mates.

  • Respect the officials and accept all decisions without question

  • Be responsible for the equipment and USC players



  • Give all players, whatever their ability, the chance to play.

  • Always pursue fair play.

  • Accept that striving to win is more important than winning itself.

  • Ensure compliance with all safeguarding policies and procedures at all times. 

  • Ensure that coaching sessions are fun, well-structured and focus on developing skill, decision-making and understanding of the game.

(Including Match Officials, Medical Staff and Volunteers)

  • Be aware of the USC Welfare Policy and your responsibilities.

  • Avoid spending time alone with young players and adults at risk away from others.

  • It is not appropriate to have an intimate relationship with a young player or an adult at risk.

  • Avoid any horseplay, sexually suggestive comments or language.

  • Never ridicule a child or adult at risk or reduce them to tears.

  • Never do things of a personal nature for a child or an adult at risk that they can do for themselves.

  • Never allow allegations made by a child or a adult at risk to go unchallenged, unrecorded or not acted upo


  • If you suspect abuse could be taking place you should contact your nominated Club Safeguarding Officers above, or a Safeguarding Officer appointed by the FA’s Area Association to which your club is registered. If you are unsure who these persons are, or if you wish to speak directly to an expert for advice then contact the NSPCC Helpline.


  • For all Safeguarding concerns, please direct your query to whereby a member of the Safeguarding Team will pick up your query within five working days.

  • Cases are dealt with on a priority basis, so timescales may vary. You can also call the Safeguarding Team via 0121 357 4278 and select Option 1. If a child is in immediate danger of serious harm or has been left alone, dial 999 immediately and let the operator know that it is a possible child protection issue.

  • For all DBS queries and non-urgent concerns, please contact and a member of the team will respond to your query.


Safeguarding And Welfare - Birmingham FA 

  • It is not your responsibility to decide whether abuse is taking place, but it is your responsibility to act if you have any concerns.


07391 470 401


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